Check me out on Amazon


Today I feel equal parts excited and nervous, because today is the day that my book goes live on Amazon epublishing.

‘The Alphabet Club’ is the story of three best friends who find themselves dragged into the world of The Alphabet Game, the winner of which is the first to sleep with one person for every letter of the alphabet. As the game unfolds, all three girls change and grow in ways they never imagined, and their friendship is tested to the limit.

I’d tried to get an agent in the UK and, although I had some positive feedback, unfortunately I had no luck. So, I thought I’d give epublishing a try and at least get the book out there. The book is pure chick lit, so if you know anyone who wants an easy and entertaining read to enjoy by the pool on holiday, then please suggest ‘The Alphabet Club’.

Click here to find ‘The Alphabet Club’.

What do you think of our new swimming pool?


I really wanted to share this photo with you. Since the snow has melted, and the rain has poured down by the bucket load, we’ve had lots of problems with flooding. There are lots of jokes going around about new ‘swimming pools’ suddenly cropping up everywhere. I spotted this one whilst I was out running in my local park. Believe it or not, this is usually a beautiful area of lush green grass where all the locals hang out in the summer.

I also have two pieces of exciting news. This week, my short story ‘The Föhn Wind’ was posted on The Write Travel Blog. Click here to have a read. AND, Nicole over at Thirdeyemom used one of my posts for her Feature Friday. Click here to relive my day out in Lucca. Please feel free to leave comments and tell me what you think of both posts, as always your feedback will be much appreciated.