Rainy Sunday


One of my big things this year is to do more. I don’t want to run myself into the ground, but I do want to get involved in as many community activities as possible. I’ve got lots of exciting events coming up over the next few weeks that I can’t wait to tell you about.

Yesterday, I ventured into a Cardiff neighbourhood that I hadn’t really been to before and visited one of our local community gardens. Projects like the community garden are perfect for people like me. I really want to learn about growing my own food, but no plant will live longer than a few days in my damp, mouldy, one-bedroom apartment. Yesterday I helped to plant some daffodils, which will hopefully be blooming ready for St Davids Day at the beginning of March, but generally there isn’t too much to be done in the garden at the moment. I’m really looking forward to when the weather gets nicer and I can get stuck in to some of the fantastic projects they have planned.

The snow is on it’s way


We found out on Friday that we were due to get snow here in Wales over the weekend. Cue mass hysteria in our office. Us Brits really don’t deal well with snow. To be fair, the snow we get here in the UK isn’t like the nice, soft, fluffy stuff you get in the rest of Europe. Here it falls in big, slushy dollops and then freezes within hours, turning the roads into massive ice cubes.

For most of the weekend, the weather has just been wet, cold and incredibly windy. I braved it yesterday to walk to the market and the gym, but then retreated inside to enjoy a hot bowl of homemade leek and potato soup.


The first snow flakes, although still very wet and slushy, started to fall here in Cardiff at about 8.30pm tonight. I’ll be up early in the morning to see if it’s settled and find out if we’re snowed in!