Travel theme: Green

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Green. Click here to join in the fun.

Green is a very popular colour in Wales, especially here in Cardiff.

Green also features heavily on St David's day - daffodil stems, leeks - more green!

The Welsh flag has green in it, as do daffodils and leeks – the emblems of Wales.


Our park benches and buses are green.


And we’re very lucky to have lots of beautiful green parks.


I couldn’t write a post about the colour green without including the green man 🙂

Weekly Photo Challenge: Green

This week’s photo challenge threw me for a minute. We’re well into autumn/winter here in Wales, and there’s not much greenery around. When I started to look around me, though, I found lots of things that are green. Estate agents’ signs, a crane, cars, shop fronts, doors, even the outdoor gym in the park is painted green. I’d never realised that we use the colour green so much in Wales. And then I realised. Of course, green is one of the national colours here!

Green is one of the three colours of the Welsh flag
Green also features heavily on St David’s day – daffodil stems, leeks – more green!