Travel theme: Birds


Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Birds (click here to see the other entries).

When I was a child, I loved to go birdwatching with my dad. I knew all their names and markings, and my binoculars were one of my favourite possessions. As an adult, I’m a bit embarrassed to confess that I’ve forgotten all that information and I very rarely take photos of birds.

A few years ago, whilst visiting the amazing Alcatraz museum off the coast of San Francisco, me and my travelling buddy Sara noticed this bird looking after their chicks. I was unable to get any closer for a better photo as the thoughtful museum staff had taped off the area so visitors didn’t disturb the young family. As well as being fascinated by watching the birds, I also thought it was very apt they had made Alcatraz their home. For a barren and unwelcoming rock, the island has been a base for many diverse groups and purposes over the years. I felt really privileged to have witnesses the new residents settling in.