Roll on Saturday

I feel like I’m chasing my own tail this week. I’m almost back up to speed from my rib injury, but work has been worse than hectic recently and I’ve got a miilion and one things to sort out by Friday. It’s all for a very good reason, though, because on Saturday morning I leaving for a 7 day trip.

I’m sooooooo excited! I can’t wait to get away and explore another new place to add to my Journeys book. First of all, I’m flying to Innsbruck, Austria for a couple of days to visit family and meet my new niece. Then, I’m going to catch a train to Pisa, Italy for 5 days of sightseeing, taking photos and general relaxation and enjoyment.

Planning a trip and the actual travelling is all part of the experience for me. I soak it all up, from when I first decide I’m going somewhere to being sat on the train/plane/boat in the car.

I’m looking forward to sharing my adventures with you when I return. Fingers crossed for nice weather…

Ramblings from rainy Wales

Four days on and my ribs are still really sore! Other than work, all I feel like I’ve done this week is sit on the sofa with a hot water bottle held to my side. Which is where I am now, although it is a little difficult holding the hot water bottle where it needs to be and typing at the same time. I apologise for any typos as a result. The hot water bottle is also helping to generally keep me warm, as the weather here in Wales has definitely switched over to winter. The temperature took a marked drop last week, and it has rained, and rained, and rained …

Contrary to popular belief, we do have nice weather occasionally here, it’s just been a bit sporadic this year. Every month we’ve been told ‘next month will be much nicer’, but they just seem to have got worse! Here are a few of my favourite photos from my summer to prove that we did have some sun, and also to cheer me up whilst I’m stuck on the sofa hugging my hot water bottle.

The Salt House at Port Eynon
The Salt House at Port Eynon – we camped right behind this building

The beach at Port Eynon
The view from our campsite at Port Eynon. I quickly got my camera out and took this picture between rain showers!

Sunset at White Sands beach
To me there is nothing more serene than the sunset at White Sands.