Looking back at 2014

Wow, what a busy year I’ve had. Here’s a quick recap of some of the adventures I got up to in 2014:

I got my ski legs back on a trip to Pila in January.

In February I ticked off one of the top items on my bucket list when I saw the Northern Lights in Iceland. Not only was seeing the Lights a dream come true, I also had an amazing few days touring some of the island and exploring Reykjavik.

In March I started my Personal Trainer course, which to be honest consumed almost my whole life for four months. The hard work, surviving on very little sleep and punishing physical tests were worth it though as I’m now a qualified PT!

On the rare occasion I did have some spare time, I would escape down to the community garden, where things were really starting to happen.

I took advantage of a weekend off college in May to attempt the Bala Challenge for the second year running. Unfortunately, I did even worse than last year, but the beauty of North Wales is always worth the visit regardless.

In June it felt like Welsh summer had finally arrived!

July saw me attempting outdoor climbing for the first time in 15 years.

In August I took my 2 godchildren to the Green Gathering festival in Chepstow.

September was all about family, with a trip to Austria to visit my brother and his kids.

I learnt how to use a scythe in October with the expert help of Phil.

I kept myself busy in November with work, teaching lots of circuit classes and helping other people keep fit. Then, I finished off the year with Christmas at my parents’ house where we enjoyed a plant-based Christmas dinner together.

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers x

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