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Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

Posted by Sas on June 20, 2014


I’ve been too busy to take part in the weekly photo challenge recently (I’ll tell you more about what I’ve been up to in a future post), but as I’ve got more spare time this week I had to submit something.

The above photo shows a boat in between two of the locks on the Cardiff Bay Barrage, halfway between the Bay and the open sea. The barrage fascinates me, I could stand there all day and watch the boats going in and out of Cardiff.

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3 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between”

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  2. Marie said

    I love watching boats make their way down channel locks. To think they’ve been doing this for… what like a 100 years? Imagine the engineering it took way back when. Wow. Great choice to the prompt.

    • Sas said

      Thanks – I remember my parents taking me on holiday somewhere further inland in England when I was a kid. All I wanted to do was help the boats go through the locks on the canal all day 🙂

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