Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

On a trip up the west coast of America in 2010, I was fortunate to travel with an amazing group of 12 other women (plus our male driver Casey, the only boy bless him). Even though we were only together for 8 days, we developed quite a few rituals. One was to take a group photo on the threshold of every National Park we entered. The pictures capture our excitement for what the rest of the day would bring, dreams grown out of the stories that Casey had told us and anticipation for the adventures that lay ahead.

IMGP3938 IMGP4149 IMGP4213

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11 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold”

    1. It’s not very reassuring when you’re there! An amazing place to visit, but I can see how it got it’s name. You can’t even have some cold water to cool off, because when you do find a fountain and fill your water bottle up, it’s warm in your hand within a couple of seconds!

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