Travel theme: Illuminated

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Illuminated (click here to see other entries and to join in).

We could certainly do with some more light here in South Wales at the moment! The few hours of daylight we are getting can’t really be described as such because it never actually gets that light, the sky just seems to be an endless, dull grey. Now that the Christmas lights have all been taken down, there’s not much to brighten the place up. So, it was a welcome break to hunt through my photos and see what I could come up with for the theme.

I couldn’t pass this theme without a photo of Las Vegas, the brightest place I’ve ever been to (and I’m from Blackpool!)…

48 hours in Vegas - it was everything I expected and more

The flames of an open fire are always illuminating and welcoming, although for some reason that goes against the laws of physics, the smoke ALWAYS comes my way!


The lights illuminating the path through the tunnel into Yosemite National Park…

Driving through a tunnel into Yosemite, waiting for my first glimpse of the National Park.

And finally, a very useful illumination…


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