Travel theme: Fragrant


I have travelled all over the world, and encountered many different fragrances on the way. Some were nice, and others not so nice (for example having to drive past the fish stall every morning in Rhodes – urgh!).

Whenever I find myself on the coast, the smell of the sea reminds me of home. That is, Blackpool, the town where I was born. I face the water and take in a deep breath of salty, bracing sea air. No other smell beats it for me.

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6 Replies to “Travel theme: Fragrant”

  1. Wow! In 2 weeks I will also be at the beach- I look forward to that smell! Some people would not understand, but if you live 800 km (500 miles) from the ocean, you don’t get to see it so often…

    1. Definitely! I realised how much it meant to me when I went to live in Austria for 6 months – a landlocked country! Enjoy your time at the beach, I hope it’s warmer than the beaches in the UK at the moment 🙂

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