Made in Roath: Part 2

One of the great things about the Made in Roath festival is that it brings the community together. You find yourself talking to strangers that you have probably walked past hundreds of times and sharing stories with them. Some of the conversations are triggered naturally whilst admiring the same piece of artwork or asking others for directions to your next stop. Some, on the other hand, are slightly more engineered by exhibits that are designed to get people talking.

‘Shelternet’ by Francesc Serra Vila was installed in the community garden to encourage people to come together and get involved. Various activites took place there, including a skills swap. I really like standing in the structure, it felt secure and it reminded me of being in a tent.

Francesc's model for Shelternet
Francesc’s model for Shelternet

DSC_0654 DSC_0589

‘The World in Roath’ was a simple, yet brilliant, idea from Johan Hilditch and Linda Hilditch. They put a giant map of the world on a board in the street, and invited everyone to pin their connections to different parts of the planet onto it.


Clive Ward asked people to contribute to his piece ‘Interacting with our Natural Environment’ by coming along to the conservatory and adding some plastic to it, highlighting the effects of our interaction with the environment.

DSC_0636 DSC_0634 DSC_0632 DSC_0630


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