Exploring Anglesey

One of the great things about volunteering as a wwoofer is that you get to explore new areas. Whilst in Anglesey this week, I took advantage of all the spare time I had to get out and about on the island. Here are some of the places I visited.

DSC_0057 DSC_0059

Just like most of the country, the coastline in Anglesey is stunning.

DSC_0083 DSC_0082

The colourful architecture in Beaumaris is beautiful.


If you can turn away from the buildings, you can see the mountains of Snowdonia over on the mainland.


As I walked towards the pier in Beaumaris, I saw that it was crowded with hundreds of people. I was surprised to to find that they were all crabbing, or fishing for crabs, with long fishing lines and identical buckets with cartoon crabs painted on them. Crabbing is popular in Fleetwood, near where I come from in Lancashire, but I have never seen so many people involved at once. You’d think the crabs would get wise and avoid the pier, but apparently there are plenty of them.


South Stack Island and Lighthouse provide one of the most dramatic landscapes in Wales.


These little blue and yellow markers direct you around the Coastal Path, a walk which covers the entire coastline of Wales. The Anglesey coastal path is 125 miles on it’s own. DSC_0085

I couldn’t leave Anglesey without visiting what is probably the most well-known destination on the island –  even if it is just for the fact that it has the longest name!

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