Travel theme: Pathways

Ailsa’s travel theme this week is Pathways. Click here to see more entries.

This theme really got me thinking. Ironically, I guess you could say I had two pathways to choose from. On the one hand, I could go down the literal route and choose images of pathways I’ve physically walked down. On the other hand, I could take a philosophical approach and consider the pathways in life that I have had to choose from in the past.

The latter of the two options gets incredibly complicated for me. I have taken so many pathways in my life, and create many new options for myself on a daily basis. At the moment, for example, I’m trying to decide on a career change. There are about 10 different jobs that I’m researching and considering, all in different industries.

So, I decided to go down the more literal route.

One of the things I’ve tried to do more of this year is walk. Although the Welsh weather has been against me, I’ve managed to get out a few times already. Below are some photos of pathways I took on recent walking trips to Brecon and Bala.

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