Travel theme: Contrast

One of the things I love about living in Cardiff is the contrast between the city and the green areas that we have here. I took these two photos from exactly the same spot, I just turned my body about 45 degrees to capture the different landscapes.

The first is looking towards the city centre and one of Cardiff’s most famous landmarks, the Millennium Stadium. The second, just over the road, is the tranquil Bute Park, in complete contrast to the hustle and bustle surrounding the stadium. The white walls aren’t a permanent feature of the park by the way. I’d noticed people walking around carrying trays of plants all afternoon, which I thought was strange until I remembered that the RHS Flower Show is on this weekend 🙂



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4 Replies to “Travel theme: Contrast”

    1. It is pretty impressive. I worked there a couple of time when it first opened, so I was lucky to see behind the scenes. It’s massive inside, and like a rabbit warren behind what visitors see.

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