Weekly Photo Challenge: Home

This’s week’s photo challenge theme is Home. Click here to see the other entries.

I’ve been very lucky in my life to call lots of places home.

Myrtos Beach
Enjoying the sun in Saalbach

Not to mention a summer in America and five months in Canada.

I’m also very lucky because I’ve been able to choose my home. So where, out of all the options available to me, did I choose?

Green is one of the three colours of the Welsh flag

Cardiff may not be my home forever. Who knows where I’ll end up? But, for now, it’s a pretty great home.


11 Replies to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Home”

  1. That’s what life’s all about, isn’t it. Making the best of wherever you are – and making it ‘home’ albeit for as short a time as needed.

  2. You’ve lived is some really great places! And nice that you found a way to think of all of them as “home”. My ‘home’ feeling is from a smell…hard to take a picture of, and actually not very good-looking itself. Wish I was as skilled at photography as you are!

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