Weekly Photo Challenge: Unique

Meet Snowy:


Snowy is a wallaby, and he lives at Manor House Wildlife Park, a brilliant eco-zoo that I would recommend for anyone visiting South West Wales.

What makes Snowy unique is that he is the only albino wallaby at the zoo. He doesn’t look, or act, anything like the other wallabies:


Because he is albino, Snowy cannot see or smell as well as the other wallabies. This means that he has to come really close up to you to check if you have any wallaby food for him. This also makes Snowy super friendly.

I first met Snowy when my godson and I visited Manor House for the first time two years ago. My godson immediately decided that Snowy was his favourite. It wouldn’t have really occurred to me that Snowy is so unique, only as we were leaving the wallaby enclosure my godson turned to me and asked ‘Do you think that Snowy knows he’s different?’

This is my contribution to this week’s Photo Challenge: Unique. Click here to see more entries.

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