100 steps

Last week I discovered yet another fantastic interactive idea whilst exploring other people’s blogs. 100 Steps encourages you to explore your environment, and really notice the details whilst you’re doing it. Pick a starting point, take a photo, count 100 steps and take another photo. What did you notice on the way?

For my first 100 steps, I decided to start from the place I probably know best at the moment – my home.

This is the view from outside my front door. I’m very lucky to live on a beautiful park.


First of all, I walked 100 steps down my street. It surprised me how short a distance 100 steps is. Below is my photo after 100 steps. As you can see, our street is lined on both sides by big, beautiful trees. As much as we are keen to keep as much natural green areas as we can in the city, these trees are also causing lots of accidents because they are so big that their roots lift up the pavement, sometimes feet away from where the trunk of the tree is. Because of this, some of the trees have been chopped down. This tree stump is a reminder to me of the constant balance we have to achieve between the natural world and modern living.


Once I’d taken my first 100 steps, I was hooked! This next photo is of 100 steps into the park – our new outdoor swimming pool that I showed you the other day. I promise I will take some photos of the park in the summer so that you can see how great it usually is when it’s not flooded. I love the fact that I live in a city, but within 100 steps of my home I am in the tranquil oasis of the park.


And finally, 100 steps in another direction, towards the hustle and bustle of the city. This corner shop used to be one of three independent local shops on this street. The other two have since been taken over by big brand chains. Although we shop at chains as well, we are very proud of our independent shops in our neighbourhood, but unfortunately more and more disappear every year. This little corner shop was one of my favourites because the old man who owned it would charge everyone different prices depending on how much he liked you. I was lucky, he liked me. It was probably one of the main reasons they had to close.


Thanks to Chittle Chattle for introducing me to 100 steps. It’s helped me to see my neighbourhood in a whole new light. Click here if you want to join in and take 100 steps too.

6 Replies to “100 steps”

  1. Thanks so much for joining in. I really enjoyed the walk with you. It isn’t far, is it? I’ve seen so much that I’ve missed before. Looking forward to seeing where you take us next week. 🙂

  2. I had seen the 100 steps meme a while back and then forgot about it….thank you for the reminder.
    I like the tidbit you shared at the end about the old man! LOL I’m sure he drove business to the chainstores without even realizing it

    1. 100 steps is so much fun, you’ve reminded me that I need to do another 100 steps this weekend. There are lots of fun characters like the old man in our neighbourhood 🙂

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